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Why the Pivot Away From Salsa & Onions?

When I first started this enterprise in March, I was shocked and delighted by the support of the community and the success that I found, which was far greater than I had ever expected. Having no background in business, I immediately made plans to take classes, and was accepted into a competitive program at The Mercado. I also spoke with local grocers who agreed to carry my products once I was ready to go to market.


Due to the timing, you probably see where this is going, and what went wrong: Covid.


My classes at The Mercado were cancelled for the indefinite future, and I found myself in limbo. During the summer, when sales were high, I didn’t mind. I had elected to do this for fun, and to hopefully bring people some food they enjoyed. But, as the weather has become colder, salsa sales have dropped, and bone broth sales are strong. Thus, I am turning towards cold-weather offerings.


To those of you who have been kind enough to support me in the past, I hope to continue to earn your business, and I appreciate you and thank you most sincerely – you have helped nudge a tiny little inkling of an idea into a job I truly love.    

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