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Word on the Street

“Oh man, that’s good! Yum! The pickled onions are amazing too! You have a new fan, we’ll let our friends know.”

"We all agreed that your salsa is the real deal. Deliciousness and didn't last long!"

"I am one picky snob when it comes to salsa, and I must say . . . that's some tasty stuff!"

"Amazing! We are hooked! Seriously, the best salsa, and the onions are wonderful, too."

"It is fresher-tasting and more flavorful than the salsa at the Mexican restaurant we frequent!"

"Among the best salsa I've ever had. I would purchase this again and again."

“We eat A LOT of salsa in our house. This is one of, if not the best, salsa we’ve had!”

"My husband didn't tell me the salsa was here. He's probably sitting outside with a spoon eating it. That's what he did with some of your red salsa. He ate some by itself!"

“Very good! I would not hesitate to make this my go-to salsa.”

"I ordered several <salsa and onions>. It's wonderful. If you like authentic salsa, this is the place. Please support this business so I can continue to order from them."

"Just got connected with Mamacita Menoka's Sensational Salsa for our first tub. This salsa is fantastic. It's handmade weekly here in town with fresh ingredients, and crafted by someone who clearly has a passion for her product . . . it costs less than supermarket salsa, yet tastes like killer restaurant salsa! Do yourself right and grab a tub of this!"

“Wanted to help out a neighbor and support her local business - but turns out this salsa is AMAZING! It's leaps and bounds better than any salsas I've gotten at the store, and I love that it helps support her small business. Will be ordering way more of this in the future!”

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