Small batch, gluten-free, restaurant-style salsa cruda

Coronoavirus is a universal issue affecting us all. With that concern in mind, every unit of this product will be prepared and packaged personally by me, with gloved hands, placed into a paper bag, folded, and sealed with a sticker.







"Necessity is the Mother of Invention" -- Proverb

You know that fantastic salsa they serve with warm chips at your favorite Mexican restaurant?

I wanted that same quality available to me in the supermarket, but I could never find its equal . . . so I decided it was time to make it myself! I crafted this restaurant-style recipe over time, adjusting the spices, adding some cilantro here, removing a garlic clove there. When I was finally satisfied I had made my ideal salsa, I placed a post on NextDoor asking for volunteers to sample it in exchange for their opinion. I received thirty replies in just a couple of hours, so I filled a lobster pot, created an anonymous online survey, and dropped 12 oz tubs of salsa off to my neighbors (most of whom I had never met!) It was a nerve-wracking experience. But when the surveys came back with remarks such as: 'Great salsa. This would be an instant replacement for the ones we buy currently' and 'When will this be in stores?  I would buy it in a heartbeat!', I knew: this one was too good not to be shared!  





ORIGINAL SALSA ROJO CRUDA: This is Where it All Began . . . .


MILD SALSA ROJO CRUDA: For Those Who Like Just a Little Less Kick


SALSA VERDE: Charred garlic, peppers, and tomatillos, lime juice, cilantro, and spices 

PICKLED RED ONIONS: Elevate your carnitas, tacos, salads, and Asian dishes to the next level. Must be refrigerated and will keep for two weeks. Quantities may be limited.


A smoky, citrus, adobe/chipotle marinade with cilantro, spiked with garlic and black pepper and made with fresh juice! Developed for fajitas and great on kebabs.

(Best when meat is allowed to marinate overnight.)


Mamacita Menoka's Sensational Salsa is neighbor approved, gluten-free and always made in small batches, with organic tomatoes and limited ingredients that are locally sourced! 


We are proud to be served 

at Salem’s vintage 

Victorian bar & music 



Graveyard Bar

2407 State St




Word on the Street

"Amazing! We are hooked! Seriously, the best salsa, and the onions are wonderful, too."

"It is fresher-tasting and more flavorful than the salsa at the Mexican restaurant we frequent!"

"Among the best salsa I've ever had. I would purchase this again and again."

“We eat A LOT of salsa in our house. This is one of, if not the best, salsa we’ve had!”

“Delicious! Perfect consistency!”

“Very good! I would not hesitate to make this my go-to salsa.”

“Oh man, that’s good! Yum! The pickled onions are amazing too! You have a new fan, we’ll let our friends know.”

"We all agreed that your salsa is the real deal. Deliciousness and didn't last long!"

"I am one picky snob when it comes to salsa, and I must say . . . that's some tasty stuff!"

"I ordered several <salsa and onions>. It's wonderful. If you like authentic salsa, this is the place. Please support this business so I can continue to order from them."

"Just got connected with Mamacita Menoka's Sensational Salsa for our first tub. This salsa is fantastic. It's handmade weekly here in town with fresh ingredients, and crafted by someone who clearly has a passion for her product . . . it costs less than supermarket salsa, yet tastes like killer restaurant salsa! Do yourself right and grab a tub of this!"

“Wanted to help out a neighbor and support her local business - but turns out this salsa is AMAZING! It's leaps and bounds better than any salsas I've gotten at the store, and I love that it helps support her small business. Will be ordering way more of this in the future!”



What will you make? 
Send a snap of your creation to 503.804.9953!
I may feature it here!



Dear Customers:

As my company has grown and traffic has increased, my costs and delivery times

have as well. As a result, in order to stay solvent, I find myself in the unfortunate

position of having to adjust pricing. I hope you will agree that I remain very competitive

with similar artisan salsas, and I hope also I continue to earn your business.


Effective July 1st:

$5.25 per28 16 oz tub rojo

$6 per 16 oz tub verde 

$4.50 per 12 oz jar pickled onions (Must be refrigerated, will keep 2 weeks)

$6.25 per 12 oz tub marinade (2.5 - 3 lbs of meat)



No 4th of July Deliveries, Will Deliver July 3rd

Order week runs Friday through Tuesday. Orders placed Friday through close of business Tuesday will be ready beginning the Friday following that Tuesday; orders placed after close of business Tuesday through close of business Thursday will be ready beginning the next Friday. Production day is Wednesday. I make regular Saturday deliveries to Kerns, Laurelhurst, Hollywood, Grant Park, Irvington and Alameda; all other neighborhoods are delivered on Friday, but if you need other arrangements, please leave a comment — I deliver anywhere on the east side on any afternoon except Wednesday! (No west side deliveries offered at this time.) Subscription-style plans available for recurring customers.  Verde is produced every other week. First verde drops will begin on Friday, July 10th; the second drops will begin on July 24th.


PAYMENT OPTIONS (Venmo, Zelle, or Cash Preferred):

Venmo: Kristin Suter or @MamacitaSalsa

Zelle: 503.804.9953

Cash: Just let me know this is your preferred method and place it in an envelope. I will text you beforehand so that it doesn't sit on your porch for extended periods.

​PayPal: Mamacita.Menoka@gmail.com

PayPal.Me/MamacitaSalsa  (Copy and paste, will lead you directly to checkout.)

*Existing Customers Need Only Include Name and Request




What is the Pioneer School at the Holladay Center?

This little-known public K-6 school serves Portland students who struggle with "social, emotional, and functional life skills". Having myself attended the adjoining school, Youngson Elementary, I have been familiar with the Holladay Center for over thirty years. To show my respect and support for their good work, I will be launching a fundraiser and donating a portion of each sale directly to the Pioneer School's General Fund. My plans have been stalled by Coronavirus, but please check back for further details!


For more information about the Pioneer School or to donate directly, please see: www.pps.net/domain/4213



Kristin Suter: Owner/Chef
Elias Joven: Partner