King David

Apple Pandowdy

A Forgotten American Original

Pandowdy, a baked apple desert associated with colonial Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, is not quite a pie and not quite a cobbler. I make mine with King Davids, a hard-to-find apple of antiquity. Deemed the best eating apple in the world by its devoted fan base, King Davids are described as "juicy, crisp, and aromatic with a sweet and tart flavor including spicy nuances of wine". Discovered by an Arkansas farmer in 1893 as a chance seedling (meaning it developed organically and was not bred or grafted), these are only available for a very short time at select produce markets that specialize in rare, heirloom varieties. 


Sales begin November 1st

5.75", 14.5 oz King David Apple Pandowdy 


Reheating Pandowdy:

Oven at 225*.

Heat uncovered for twenty minutes.

Using the back of a spoon, press pastry into juices, but don't submerge.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.